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Angela's complaint against Fedex



Liars and call centre in India staff or incompetent. I

Complaint against Fedex

I recently had a package deliver from Toronto to the Uk which was pretty urgent. Now my relative posted this on Monday 7 Dec as a priority service to reach in two days. This cost 100 Canadian dollars for that service. On the 9 December I became rather frustrated that I hadn't receive my parcel so I called my relative to check to see what has happened. Now it was sent to stanstead Airport and deliver at unit 9 Park Royal FedEx. Sorting Office. So I called the FexEx customer Service and unbelivably got through the to India and a young lady came on line I gave her my tracking number she said to me they attempted delivery on 9December and left a card now that is the first LIE. And the deliver man would attend again on Thursday the 10 December between 8.30 and 5.00pm I was home all day waiting because it was going to be here in two days nothing came in those two days (irate) I then call back the same customer service got through agin to India another young lady. I gave her my tracking number before I told tell her why I was calling she said to me they would deliver the parcel on Monday 12 December which is way over this PRIORITY SErVICE charge of 100 dollars CAD. So I go very angry with her and started to say to her why would you want to send my parcel out at that time. I explained to her I paid 100 CAD for a priority service and I should have my parcel today. I then said to her I would like to speak to a Manager she said hold on and kept me on the phone listening to boring music and did not come back. I hanged up and called again by now i got a young man I explained how hurt and upset I was of the way I was handled by his colleagues and asked if he was going to do the same to me he said no he would like to help me. I explained again he looked up my number and said it is going to be delivered Friday 11 December between 8.30 and 5.00 pm I told him nothing has happened yet please can he direct me to a Manager or complaints department as I worked in banking for 34 years I am familiar with how complaints should be filed when you are not happy how everything should work and customers rights. I said to him please do not leave me hanging listening to boring music he said he would he would direct me to someone it complaints to escalate the problem and of course I did get through to a young man but this time in London UK thank God someone who could understand me clearly and was where I was located. I explained to him very tearfully I was going to a wedding on Friday for 3pm by now it's 9 am I didn't trust the fact that my parcel was going to come on Friiday between 8.30 and 5.00 pm that's why I called again so I was happy I I did anyway the young man from UK listened and was very apologetic and said he would track my parcel I told him that the FedEx office was 20mins from where I live and should not have been a problem to get to me. He took my numbers and said he would call me back asap I took his number. He came back very prompt and said the driver will call on Friday 11 between 1 and 2 pm. So I said I will call you if nothing is delivered by now it was about 9.30 am I hanged up and he promised me I will get it for the wedding. I could not believe it at about 11.30 a driver turn up with my parcel. I said to him did you try to deliver the last two days he said yes I said to him I was told you came left a card and no one was in. no ( lie number 4 ) he said he didn't leave a card so the customer service in India are a bunch of liars he then said another lie (5) his van was broken down which was 5 minutes from my address. I told him I was not happy with FedEx and would never use or recommend to ANYONE. And would take it further. I got my goods a very irate and stress customer never to spend money ever like that for a Thieving lying service that does NOT do what it says but tell customers lies about turning up while you wait for days and no one does, I expect a reimbursement as my parcel did not take 2 days for priority service of 100 Canadian dollars or I would take my case to the media or higher. You should bring your customer service back to UK. Never using FedEx again. I have read millions of reviews and horror stories of your delivery service this week almost the same lying all the time. I need a quick response. Hope you take the time to read my complaint and not dismiss it.

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