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Chris's complaint against Interlink Express

Chris Fisher


[LAPSED] Interlink Account Holder - Totally Unacceptable Experience

Complaint against Interlink Express

I'm an Interlink Express account holder, albeit i don't spend thousands upon thousands with them. I still expect the same level of professional service, as i do use them for a business purpose. However sadly I'm taking the time to write this review as i feel my recent experience of Interlink needs to be highlighted. On the 22/09/2016 I arranged a collection (collection ref: 1516932653) consisting of 3 larges parcels from a company in Acton, London for delivery back to my premises. I completed my online portal and forwarded the collection details to the company in London. I then took it upon myself to contact Interlink to query why i didn't get any bar coded labels. I was correctly advised by customer service that the parcels wouldn't have bar codes until the driver actually collected the parcels, as he would attach them. I began to monitor the collection through my portal only to see that Interlink/Driver had updated the portal to say 'Unsuccessful collection, nothing to collect'. Bizarre i thought, so i contacted the company in London, only to find that the driver didn't actually attend the location during the specified times, that i had put in the portal. The company in London had waited for a further 30mins passed their closing time, but still no driver, so they closed. **To note at this point is. For each day my parcels aren't collected I now pay a stocking/warehouse fee of £25**. Naturally i was annoyed, In contacting Interlink and speaking to their customer service, we arranged a further collection (Collection ref: 1516961051) for the Friday 23/09/2016. I have then whilst still on the phone to Interlink contacted the company in London, begged for them to stay open until the collection was made, as i desperately needed the stock that was in the parcels. Hurrah you would think. Sadly not.. again i began to monitor the portal, again i found that Interlink/Driver this time cancelled the collection. This is now another day lost and another £25 stocking/warehouse fee. I yet again contacted Interlink to find out what the hell was going on. In speaking to customer service i was advised that the driver couldn't make the selected time slot, so cancelled the collection. Thanks for that Interlink.. Now as it was Friday the next time Interlink could make a collection was going to be Monday 26/09/2016. Guess what that means a further £50 in stocking/warehouse fees over the weekend. Great stuff so were now totaling £100 in extras fees because of Interlinks incompetence. Nevertheless customer service arranged a further collection (No collection ref as it was raised directly by Interlink) for Monday 26/09/2016 and promised that this time they would be collected. Monday arrives and first thing in the morning yet again i contacted Interlink to confirm the collection was going to take place. I spoke to customer service and they further assured me it would be collected today and that they would monitor it and call me back later around 16:15hrs when it was on their van. Now don't get me wrong on each call to Interlink I'm expressing my concerns about their complete lack of competence and advising them that this is now costing me money. As Monday slowly passes and 16:00 approaches I have to call Interlink yet again, as they didn't return my call? Customer service make their apologies and call the depot in London and the information from the driver is...........The items haven't been collected as they don't have bar coded labels upon them. Sound familiar? Customer service make further apologies, however I'm at boiling point, as I'm sure you would be. Customer service do manage to pull it out the bag and eventually get the driver to see the error of his ways and the collection is made. (collection ref: 1516319574) So in a quick recap. I'm a further £100 out of pocket and it's so far took 5 days just to get the parcels collected. These should have been a next day service. Now as i sit here typing this its Tuesday 27/09/2016. I contacted Interlink today to find out when these 3 parcels would now reach me. customer service provide me with the collection ref and tell me to expect the parcels between 19:15 - 20:15hrs. Now although i would have thought my parcels would have been a priority of theirs, after all that has happened and the cost to myself. I thought thank god I'm getting them today.... It's now 20:59 hrs on Tuesday, I still don't have my 3 parcels. From tracking them i can see that the van allocated to deliver my parcels is now sat in their yard. So i wont get them today either. Interlink I give up. What an absolute shocking service. to be honest please tell me what service this is, what service have you provided me with. You have cost me £100 extra and now 7 days in and i still don't have my parcels. You tell me that you don't give compensation !!!! you're an absolute shocking delivery company. Please feel free to contact ME (in capitals on purpose) you can obtain my details through the parcel collection refs. to discuss this mess and how you should be compensating me for loss of time/customers and money.

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Sarah Dovey | | VERIFIED

Hi Chris, I am sorry to read this. Leave this with us and we look into this and get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks, Lindsey
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