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Daniel's complaint against Interlink Express

Daniel Mann


[RESPONDED] Lost Parcels and Poor Service

Complaint against Interlink Express

I am complaining about the poor service or lack of regarding my Interlink orders. I have had 2 parcels missing, and 3 parcels uncollected in the last week alone. My company Ink Smart pays and arranges shipping for our customers to send goods to ourselves. Consignment number: 9545720404 This consignment was for 3 parcels booked through Interlink Direct. All 3 were collected from the customer. On the Monday, I receive an email saying parcels had been delayed. On calling they confirmed 3 parcels had been collected from my customers address. I then receive one of the parcels with a different label on. The label was blanl with just the Ink Smart address on. The consignment ref for this parcel was 114393795, stating 1 of 1 parcel. Again I had to call Interlink who put me through to the silver team at DPD. They stated they would look for the parcels, took some details and would get back to me. I also asked for a email to confirm this. None were received. 3 days later I called for an update. I was given false information that 3 were not collected only 1. After, confirming I had spoken to someone previously they confirmed that 3 were confirmed to be collected on 1 received. They could not understand why the received parcel was sent with a reprinted label. Again I was told a search would continue. 2 more days passed, still no email confirmation or contact from Interlink. I called again. I spoke to another colleague with my case number. He seemed the most helpful with lots of understanding. He mentioned the Glasgow Depot had not been checked. He would get back to me within 48 hours after speaking to them. 2 days later no response or email as requested. I did get a case number - 12740921 (Starting to see a pattern) Today I call, and am told little information regarding to the case. The other Depots had been checked, and nothing found. Glasgow had not been contacted. I was then told he would personally call me Monday. After nearly 2 weeks, no one has offered me any kind of refund or a certainty to my case being investigated. In this time no offer of compensation for the parcel sending cost, or any confirmation of my missing parcels being invetigated has been offered/received. Yet, I still use your services in hope of redemption. This was not to be the case. ...................................................................................................... Order Reference: 9545756320 A collection was booked for yesterday (30.11.2016), which failed. Driver stated nothing to collect. No attempt to call number track parcel. Customer states no one attended, and we have confirmed the address etc was correct. Again, I had to call up Interlink who stated the parcel was not on their system. He rechecked with the address and stated the driver had nothing to collect. And it could not be re-attempted until tomorrow (2days after booking). I stated I wish to cancel, and he stated I would need to do that or the sender. I said I am the sender, I do not have the ability to do that through Interlink Direct. He then stated he could not refund me his end. In the end I had to swollow it to be collected tomorrow. The lack of service to my business is costing me massive amounts of time and money. These are large parcels worth in excess of £1000. A long with my customer relations being pushed to the limit, and the cost of postage being taken out of my pocket, this cannot continue. I am looking for a resolution of compensation and a firm understanding from someone who can actually help me. The time spent on these matters is costing me money.

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Sarah Dovey | | VERIFIED

Hey Daniel, I'm really sorry to have read through all of this and I haven't been able to help you yet. I've got all your details and a way of contacting you. So once I have all the details I need I'll make sure to give you a call. Thanks for your details Simon

Daniel Mann | | VERIFIED

Good Afternoon Simon, I never received a call from yourself, like many other things DPD/Interlink promised. I did manage to speak to Becky. She said my claim would paid, but so far have only received the minimum amount, as not agreed. So I will be taking this further and not using Interlink for my business until this is resolved.
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