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Miss Arifa's complaint against Interlink Express

Miss Arifa Khatoon


[LAPSED] Unreliable, irresponsible

Complaint against Interlink Express

I am lodging this formal complaint. I had purchased an item from Thane Direct UK Ltd. It was to be returned. Thane direct arranged the return delivery with interlink express, which was booked for 26/09/2016. . On 24 September2016 I received text message from Interlink express that the time of collection would be 9 am to 5 pm I sent an email to the customer services, interlink on 24th September, requesting that a two hour window slot be given for collection. On 25 September 2016 I received an email from CALLUM of interlink Customer Services that a text message on my mobile number 07864133682 would be sent to me in the Morning, giving me one hour window slot for the collection of the parcel. This morning I never received any message, either on my mobile or on email regarding one hour window slot. I sent several messages to Interlink services to send me this required one hour window slot. However no one bothered to act. Eventually, at about 11.30am I contacted Thane Direct Ltd and explained it all, and requested to help me. The staff phoned Interlink services and then advised me that the collection slot was between 3 pm to 4 pm. I did again confirmed that it would not be BEFORE 1 pm, and again I was advised that not before 3pm. I went out, and was supposed to be back shortly before 3pm. However I completed my task and returned home at 1.30 pm. Interlink collection services arrived at 1.57 pm. The point is that I would not have been home before 3pm, as I was advised. Why Interlink express for collection arrived before 2pm while the time was given from 3pm to 4 pm. One neglected matter and then a second mistake. I can not help but to consider that Interlink express is unreliable, irresponsible and ignorant of the working procedures. Should not the staff of interlink express be sent to the training department to learn the correct procedures and the responsibilities? Miss Arifa Khatoon

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Lapsed. Miss Arifa has not responded in 90 days

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Sarah Dovey | | VERIFIED

Hi Arifa, I am sorry to read this. Please can you provide the parcel number and we will look into this for you [Lindsey]
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