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Georgina's complaint against XDP Express

Georgina Dingley


Delivery driver was forced to carry an unsafe load single handed

Complaint against XDP Express

Your delivery driver was forced to deliver a 44kg large square box single handed. He clearly struggled I have no idea how he managed. He had to roll the parcel which was supposed to be kept upright to get it up the short distance from the van to our front door. I know this is illegal and he shouldn't be allowed to carry more than 25kg single handed under HSE laws. I asked him about it and he said he was forced to by XPD despite being technically self employed. We've all heard about these so-called self employed delivery drivers who have no choice in what and when they deliver. Therefore I am making a complaint on behalf of the risky exploitation of this poor man. I don't want to see people in pain just because I made an online purchase.

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