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Jenny's complaint against XDP Express

Jenny Corbin


If you want your items to go missing or want to throw money away, these guys are for you!

Complaint against XDP Express

ZWAYJC121748 So...............where to start........ I have reviewed this company elsewhere and the first review went something like......delivery didn't happen, xdp were supposed to re-deliver on the Friday, this got ignored and item sent back to sender on the Wednesday, no one told me, waited in for delivery that never came on Friday and so on. Truth is, my goods were sat in the returns department for 10 days before they were actually sent back. Pretty much amounting to theft! Reply from "a customer services rep" (i put that in inverted commas as its unclear if its a real person or if the responses are computer generated), sorry blah blah blah, not the service we expect blah blah blah, your comments taken on board blah blah blah......you get the picture! Its still actually unclear whether the goods have been returned or not. My supplier kindly agreed to remake the goods and send them out via a different supplier. Unfortunately, their warehouse team also seem to have a problem following simple instructions as unfortunately they sent the goods with xdp again :( Ok, so lets see if xdp can get it right this time....... First thing I know about them delivering is the text giving the time estimates of delivery , now given I was adamant xdp were not to be used, I rang them and asked them not to deliver as I was getting the goods elsewhere. (Granted, this isn't xdp's fault, more the fact my sender didn't tell me). I ring my supplier, by this point trying to get any information out of xdp is like getting water out of a stone, it ain't gonna happen! the team manager is in contact with xdp and says they are going to attempt delivery Thursday (9th aug). These were his words - "They have advised they can send tomorrow, please can you confirm the postcode for this address as they have flagged this. This will not stop the attempt as they can look the address up".......... Guess what?! They didn't look the address up! So, confirmed delivery Friday instead............ This brings us to Friday 10th Aug....Delivery day.............HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! No confirmation of timings.........so I call the customer service number 26 times before I get through. Spoke to a very lovely girl who was able to confirm a delivery time between 14.28pm and 16.28pm........... All good. Again......HAHAHAHAHA!! You can probably guess my goods haven't arrived so I call another 7 times and get to speak to same girl again. She advised maybe traffic was a problem (ok I accept that, it is Friday afternoon after all). But that drivers deliver up to 6.30pm. At this point my items are still showing as out for delivery, all good so far, if a little late. An hour later, I ring again, eventually speaking to a lovely lady in Birmingham. I'm a little anxious at this point that it's getting close to the 6.30 mark. she again confirmed my goods were still out for delivery. but also confirmed that if the driver hadn't delivered by 6.30pm then goods were taken back to the depot. Guess what?! It's now 6.45pm and absolutely zilch has arrived. XDP STOCKBRIDGE...............Where were my goods?!?! Your communication is terrible, you are an absolute disgrace! And please, if you are going to respond, don't give me the same old rubbish....... - we are so sorry you have experienced problems - This is definitely not the level of service we expect to provide - We will contact the relevant team, to ensure this does not happen again - We don't understand why the items were sent back. etc..... UPDATE - The goods finally arrived on Saturday morning, after another chasing email. It was raining and bad traffic was apparently the reason, the driver was very apologetic but the courteous action would have been to contact me to let me know. To top everything off, I got my phone bill over the weekend............£33 on phone calls on chasing my items............. In my eyes, XDP should re-imburse me for these costs as it was your error that led to this whole problem. If the depot had done what they were supposed to in the first place, this wouldn't have happened. However, I don't know why I was surprised, but the customer services manager has basically just told me that its not your responsibility and I should contact the supplier as I hold my account with them. How is this their problem? They were not the couriers who failed to deliver.

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