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Complaint against XDP Express

I had a business account with xdp. For first 2 week my goods was delivered fine. Soon as it was bank holiday week all my goods i sent was damaged due to negligence. Their policy states they dont cover glass and thats fine by me but xdp drivers were ruthlessly handling my goods and was negligent towards my goods by carrying 30kg dressing table with 1 hand and on the phone with another one and due to this carelessness the driver dropped my goods and broken it which was seen by the customers and refused to accept the goods and returned it back but to cover up the driver he inputted the return as unwanted by customer which is a complete lie. Through the process of coming back to me it was recorded correctly as damaged. But initially driver fraudulently inputted incorrect details. The customer messaged me via ebay to tell me. There have been many incidents like this as my other goods been damaged. When i did complain and provide evidence to Rose scriven from claims she spoken to director and the director closed my account and refused to compensate for there negligence but before i got to that stage of complaining i called many times and even visited the depo but they told me they had over 30 thousand mails therefore they are too busy to investigate.

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