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Jessica's complaint against ArrowXL

Jessica Yates


Lazy Delivery Person

Complaint against ArrowXL

I have ordered a new bed via Jdwilliams recently and have already waited a week and a half to organise a delivery date. When I was finally offered to choose one the first date available was Saturday 8th of April. Although I work on Saturdays I was desperate for my item as it was a bed and mattress and I currently do not have a bed! I had to take the day off to receive this item which was fine as I wanted the item as soon as possible. My father had also taken the day off to help me assemble the bed on arrival. Upon ordering I had given special instructions that the buzzer on the front of the building does NOT work. I had left my number and had asked to be rang on arrival so we could open the door. In addition to this I had also rang the delivery company and reiterated that the buzzer does not work and also added another number they could ring just incase. You would think after all of this that this message would have been given to the driver? After waiting in for the bed to arrive we received a message saying the item could not be delivered! Of course I rang to find out why. You'll never guess what, the driver had pressed the buzzer, gotten no response and just left. Great! Now not only do I have to wait 6 more days for the bed to be delivered I also have to sleep on the floor for another 5 nights. I'm am extremely dissapointed in the service of this company and I'm future will not use them. What's even more disappointing is that I have paid £20 in delivery fees for it to be delivered. It will now have been over 2 weeks since I ordered the bed when I will receive it. Wasted day off work for two people and a massive inconvenience just because a message that had been told to the company twice was not passed on.

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