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Liz's complaint against ArrowXL

Liz Mann


Worried & upset

Complaint against ArrowXL

I ordered a bed base on Sunday & was told that it would be delivered on or before 14th December. I received an email & a text yesterday, 13th December, informing me that it would be delivered between 2-4pm today. I kept an eye on the tracking info &, until about 3pm, it was quite informative & up to date. However 4pm came & went & no bed base. I contacted their live chat at about 5.45pm & spoke to Emily who told me that they were on delivery number 35(they were on delivery number 34 at 3pm!) & reassured me that they would deliver today. It's now 10.03pm &, as you've guessed, it hasn't been delivered. My husband took the afternoon off work because, as I'm disabled, I wouldn't be able to manage a delivery on my own. He got rid of our old bed base in readiness for the new one. Unfortunately, I now have nowhere to sleep tonight because of ArrowXL & their failure to deliver. It says on their tracking info that 'delivery was unsuccessful' but they hadn't even tried to deliver it & that 'delivery will be rescheduled.' But when? They've already proved that they're unreliable. If it's rescheduled for a week day this means that my husband will have to take more time off work but it also means that I don't know how many nights I'm going to be without a bed! I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis & osteoporosis. I'm dreading waking up in the morning because even sleeping in a bed the pain is horrendous on waking up. I daren't even think how bad it's going to be having not slept in bed. It would have been good if someone had contacted us(they were going to contact us when they were 30 minutes away if they were delivering) to let us know that they weren't going to be able to make the delivery today but just to leave us high & dry like this is disgraceful & disgusting!

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