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Crazy Hermes courier delivers parcel by hurling it up three storeys

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Oct 20, 2016

A Hermes delivery man threw a parcel around 30 feet into the air and on to a third-storey balcony rather than ring a doorbell.

Not only did the delivery man chuck the one-foot-square parcel into the air, his aim was off and it landed on neighbour Jaci Gill’s balcony.

This was the distance the parcel was thrown - from the front door on to a third-floor balcony

Jaci told us: “What was going through this person’s mind I can only guess at. But I was in all day and the parcel could easily have been left with me. All they had to do was rig the doorbell.”

As it turned out, Jaci had no idea the parcel was on the balcony of her three-storey mews house in Lincoln.

She only learned later that neighbour Rebecca Baldwin had received a delivery card from Hermes saying her parcel had been “thrown onto balcony”.

“I thought, well, perhaps it is my balcony – and there is was!

“I don’t know what the procedure is, but usually it’s to leave the parcel with a neighbour if the recipient isn’t in, or in the doorway or something. Certainly, it's not to hurl it up three storeys!”

Jaci said she and the parcel’s recipient, Rebecca, have both complained to Hermes. Jaci also registered a complaint with A Spokesman Said.

“I shouldn’t think they’ll take any notice,” Jaci told us. “But there comes a point where you just have to say, ‘this isn’t acceptable’.

“I cannot believe someone could be so stupid as to do this. I think the parcel contained clothes, but it could easily have been fragile.”

We’ve contacted Hermes to ask the for an explanation and we’ll update if they respond.

The UK’s chief taxman has referred Hermes to HM Revenue and Customs compliance officers after complaints by workers that they are being paid below the national living wage.

The courier delivers for several major retailers including John Lewis and Next.

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