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Derek's complaint against Crosse & Blackwell

Derek Ashworth


Change in bake bean recipe

Complaint against Crosse \u0026 Blackwell

I am becoming thoroughly annoyed by products, which I’ve used for years, no longer tasting as they used to. Crosse and Blackwell baked beans are a casein point, but they are by no means alone. It would appear to my palate that they have dropped the inclusion of salt and sugar, and the resulting taste bears no resemblance to the product as I remember it. I understand that the reasoning behind this action is to tackle obesity, but there are millions of us who are not obese and we are paying the price for others. Today, I added my own sugar and salt to a tin of beans and the resultant flavour was something akin to that which I remember from the past. Why, oh why, do manufacturers believe that they can alter recipes of much loved dishes without their public noticing? I am not alone in feeling this way as there are numerous on-line forums where complaints such as mine are aired. If large companies do not pickup on this they will quickly notice a decline in their bottom line, which they would do well to address. Derek Ashworth.

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