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Monika's complaint against Gourmet Society

Monika Sznajder



Complaint against Gourmet Society

Hi I'm sure you're getting a lot of this. I just noticed a charge for annual membership for gourmet card that I didn't want! My childcare bill payment just bounced back because I didn't have enough in my account due to this unexpected charge. I tried to cancel it before but it was impossible to navigate their website in search of the information of what actually I'm supposed to do. I just found their email saying they don't do refunds and telling in extremely unclear way on how I should cancel it. I barely use my old email or even the new one due to having absolutely no time while taking care of my little baby, so I simply missed the deadline to try and cancel it. I did try to call them in the past but lines were always busy and like I mentioned before I really don't have time (or energy) to be chasing up the company who will assume I want to throw away my money unless I told them otherwise. bottom line is, I really need my money back and I am damn sure I don't want to have their membership. Is there any way you could help with that? It seems unlawful for them to do so, I mean, what about consumers rights? Best regards Monika

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