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Jay's complaint against Gourmet Society

Jay Knezovic


Automatic renewal without pre-warning

Complaint against Gourmet Society

I have signed up for a 4-months trial with Gourmet Society on 15 March 2016 with the email and card stating expiry date 25/07/2016. I did not want to renew the membership (as I haven't used it once in the 4 months period) so was relying on the expiration the date that was promoted so obviously, but I was charged on 25/07 by their "auto-renewal" policy and them failing to pre-warn me they would do that. I called the company to see why that happened and why I couldn't log in to my account (that was prompting me to register and activate the account) - the worst customer service I ever had claiming that I never activated the account (I did, as I also have their app on my phone to which I'm logged in), lots of "I don't know" without any offer to try and find out to resolve the issue and help out and talking over me, also claiming they have sent an email saying that they will charge me but failing to check if I have received / opened the email. As a person who works with automated emails system on daily basis I know this is impossible as one can always see in the system if the email has been delivered / opened / bounced etc. So it's curious how they couldn't see it for that specific one. In terms of their "explanation" to why I was charged I was advised "it's stated in the terms & conditions" - whilst I am sure it is, it surely looks and feels like a rip off, basically taking happily money from customers without pre-warning them and then hiding behind the "small print". Haven't they stated the expiry date on both the card and sign up email I would have checked before on the cancellation, but when you see an expiry date it implies that is when the contract ends. Whilst £39.95 doesn't seem a lot to many, to some people it is 10 days worth of food that they might not be able to afford otherwise. I have sent a complaint email to Gourmet Society, but it will take them 5 working days to get back to me and with their approach, I don't expect much will be resolved or that I will get a refund. But I think it's important that other people are being aware of this (apparently not so uncommon) issue with Gourmet Society.

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