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Cara's complaint against Gourmet Society

Cara Cragg


Refusal to provide refund for unwanted auto renewed membership

Complaint against Gourmet Society

I received a trial membership with Gourmet Society for £1 several months ago, I don't actually know when this was as its not something I have used. I yesterday noted that £39.95 had been taken from my bank account. I contacted GS and advised that this was in error as I did not want a membership. I was advised by their customer services agent that I should have read the T&C's in detail and they were legally entitled to take the money and not refund it despite my request. He advised that I had been send an email confirming of their intention to take this action, he confirmed that this was likely to have gone into my 'junk' account and may not have been read, apparently this is my problem. I tried to speak to a manager but was told that this is not their process and they would only discuss this with me via their complaints email. I proceeded to make the necessary complaint and today received an email advising that it was legal, they wouldn't provide a refund. I struggle with the morality of a company who firstly auto renew a membership and then refuse to cancel and refund this when the customer have advised that it isn't something the want. Any help or support to have this rectified would be appreciated

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