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Jonny's complaint against Gourmet Society

Jonny Thomas-Davies


Sneaky Auto-Renwal

Complaint against Gourmet Society

On 29th April at 01:04 £39.99 was taken from my paypal account by ‘Simard ltd’. At this point I thought I must have been hacked by someone and the money stolen. It turns out, it was a surprise auto-renewal from the Gourmet Society, after I had signed up for a 3 month trial. I may not have been hacked, but I still feel like this money was stolen. I was never able to use my 3 month membership, because nowhere around where I live takes the card, therefore it makes having the membership pointless. When I signed up for the 3 month trial, I looked carefully for details stating if there was an automatic renewal or not, and I couldn’t see anything that says there was. Usually in such circumstances I would set myself a reminder to ensure I could review my membership as it came to a close. Having had this money taken from my account, I have been sure to cancel so it can never happen again. However, I am unable to be given any kind of refund for this renewal. The ethics of this company are flawed, and I am very disappointed. £39.99 is no small amount of money, and if it was going to disappear like that (with no reward because I cannot use the membership anywhere that I may go to eat) I’d at least like to see the money donated to charity so it comes to good use. It was my hope that this company would do the right thing and begin offering refunds of membership renewals, and also send out email notifications to customers to inform them of their incoming renewal, which hasn’t happened in this case.

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