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Amy's complaint against Smirnoff

Amy Clegg


Lime and soda vodka can

Complaint against Smirnoff

So I saw the cans of Smirnoff vodka lime and soda in the shop and really excited to try them as that’s what I usually order when I’m out in the pub, so I bought 4 of them and put them in my bag as there was no point buying a plastic bag for 4 cans especially as my bag is large enough for the cans, when I got home I placed my bag on the sofa next to me I noticed that my sofa was wet and then realised that one of the cans had spilt in my Louis Vuitton bag, covering it and making it smell, the can had been opened slightly!!! Also I am not happy with the fact that it wasted my drink! But I’m no way going to be able to get the smell out of my bag and it will no doubt stain my bag too 😞 I have video proof but can’t seem to attach it

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