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Sj's complaint against Smirnoff

Sj Youlton


Smirnoff vodka

Complaint against Smirnoff

Hi, I brought a bottle of Smirnoff vodka and put it in the freezer and it froze like water. My freezer is average temperature so should not freeze alcohol. I have put vodka in the freezer before and it has never frozen. Why has it happened to this product? Thanks

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Don Roybal | | VERIFIED

I had the same problem and called Smirnoff complaint department. The lady said Smirnoff will freeze if put in a freezer. I told her that It is possible to freeze vodka, but not in a typical home freezer. The freezing point of 80 proof vodka is -26.95 C or -16.51 F, while the temperature of most home freezers is around -17 C. She did not want to argue and hung up. Guess I will witch to Absolute.
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