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John's complaint against St Austell Brewery

John Brown


dangerous premises

Complaint against St Austell Brewery

On the 22/09/2017 my wife and I attended the Abbey Inn at Buckfast. We parked in the car park and proceded down the armaced slope to the pub. The sllpe was verg slippery as it had been raining and also wet leafs from the overhanging trees ,so care was needed and taken, holding the bar provided. Unfortunafely this was not sufficient as I lost my footkng and landed with a ver heavy bump, hitting my head hard which was heard by some patrons approximately 10ft away sho came t my wifes aid assisting me to stand as I was on the floor for some time. Ihad also banged both my elbows whjch were bleedjng and twisted my back and hurt my neck. On entering the Pub I complained to manageress that the slope was dangerous and not fjt for purpkse in its current state. I was jnformed rather unpolitely thaf if I had a complajnt I should address it to the brewery as it was nothing to do with her! She told me the path was swept daily so what else could they do? She at this point decided to ask me if Iwas alright!, which Iobviously was not. I was aware that I was not in thebest of moods to continue the conversation and considered cancelling our meal. But thought whyshould I spoil the rest of my wifes evening out, so we stayed. I took myself off to the toilet to clean up my bleeding elbow and try to stop it bleeding anymore. As I have been asked to complain to yourselves in the first instance this is what I have done. I must say our meal was lovely and the rest of the staff looked after us very well. on leaving the establishment I have taken some pictures of the "swept" leafs, swept up in piles along tge side of the path under the handrail! I have also taken some pictures of my visible injuries. I await your response to my complaint yours John Brown

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