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Natalia's review of Cow & Gate

Natalia B


Disappointing product, misleading labelling

Review of Cow \u0026 Gate

Very disappointed with Multigrain Porridge with Buckwheat 6+ that I bought recently. I was specifically looking for an unflavoured product, and spent quite a while in the shop, leaving the 'banana' and 'orchard fruit' options and the like on the shelf. Having opened and prepared the porridge, I was immediately put off by a very strong apple flavour. The product smells like chewing gum. Only then did I realised that the 'apple-pear' flavouring is mentioned in a much smaller print on the side of the package. I will not be giving this product to my baby as the 'natural apple and pear flavourings' mentioned on the list of ingredients most likely come from the E group of additives, this is the only explanation for such a strong smell. As a scientist by training, I am not going to argue that the flavouring are 'natural' since the molecules are identical to the ones occurring in nature and giving flavour to foods. However, I would not like to expose my baby to a chemically-produced component so early in life, which is the reason why I was looking for a non-flavoured product and fell for what I hope is a flaw in artwork, and not an intention to mislead customers. Please make product labelling clear and consistent!

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Support at Cow & Gate | | VERIFIED

Good morning. My name is Lisa from Cow & Gate. I have some guidance from the product team: We are sorry you were disappointed, however the product mentioned (Multigrain Porridge with Buckwheat 6+) is clearly labelled as having “apple and pear flavours” on front of pack as well as an image of the fruit clearly visible on pack

Support at Cow & Gate | | VERIFIED

- However, rest assured that it contains no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives - The product has now been replaced by our new exciting range of cereals in re-sealable packaging. We welcome you to try our new product “7 grain porridge with buckwheat & millet” from the new range, which is unflavoured. Kind regards, Lisa
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