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Kayleigh's complaint against Cow & Gate

Kayleigh Gray


[LAPSED] Formula contents

Complaint against Cow \u0026 Gate

Just brought some formula for my baby opened it and half’s the contents is missing these formulas cost money and I’m disappointed as now I’ve opened I cannot take it back and I have waisted my money!

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Lapsed. Kayleigh has not responded in 90 days

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Support at Cow & Gate | | VERIFIED

Hi Kayleigh, thank you for contacting us and bringing this to our attention. We design our packs to ensure our baby milks are safe, hygienic and easy to use correctly. Our milks are packaged in a protective atmosphere to maintain safety and quality. We need a space between the powder and the foil seal, so we can replace the air with a safe packaging gas.

Support at Cow & Gate | | VERIFIED

he other space, between the foil seal and the plastic lid, has an important hygiene function. It keeps the scoop out of the powder when it’s being made and transported. Once opened, the clip on the underside of the lid continues to keep the scoop out of the milk when stored at home.

Support at Cow & Gate | | VERIFIED

Our milks are sold by weight, not volume, and we do allow some space for natural variation in the size of the powder particles so that we can ensure that every pack is the correct weight. If you have some kitchen scales, it would be really helpful if you were able to weigh the product and share with our team on Facebook or our 24/7 careline on 0800 977 4000. Kind wishes, Nancy from Cow & Gate.
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