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lynn's complaint against Stone Gate Pubs

lynn flannigan


bad attitude from an ill informed waitress named kaitlyn

Complaint against Stone Gate Pubs

Myself and my daughter go out for dinner on a Sunday and today her choice was to dine at the leaping salmon Berwick. We arrived around 12:30 and when i looked around the tables along the front entrace area were all full except two, i asked my 10year old daughter if she wanted the one at the back, she did and we sat and decided what to order, because the restarunt was starting to fill up i didn't want to loose our tableso i asked my daughter to stay while i went to order.The bar had two members of staff working it and the female approached me and i stated to tell her two cokes, a cheeseburger and chips and a kids southern fried goujons with beans. She said £11:80 and i handed her the money, when she finished speaking with me i was expecting her to get the drinks ready and hand me a receipt, after she didnt and proceeded to serve someone else i asked her for the two cokes i had orderd, she went back to the till and asked me for an extra £4:20 i asked her why she was charging me again? She looked at me and said because thats what ive just asked for, i replied i know that but i mean why are you charging me again? She sais she wasnt and hadnt charged me in the beginning, i started to work out that the cheeseburger worked out to be arond £14 and she agreed that it was because of the cheese that made it a bit more expensive. I decided to cancel the cheeseburger and orderd the Sunday dinner.As i got back to my 10year old a few minues later than normalmy little girl said she had felt uncomfortable sitting herself, i went to look over the menu to check the price of the cheeseburger and realised it was £13 odd, but that it also came with a drink to which i was never informed neither was i informed that i would have to order my daughters kids meals desert at the counter. After we had finished i asked the young waiter could i order a jelly for my little girl, he very kindly sent me to the bar, when i returned to the bar i walked up to the same waitress, without looking at me she said please join the que and pointed to her right, i was annoyed at that point and said to her the reason im here is that im told i need to order my little girls jelly again whilst she is sat alone at the table,she roodly turned her back i said excuse me do i still need to go and waid she souted YEAH! I was angry and embarrassed i had to go along and join the long que after a mistake she had made. We ended up walking out with no desert.I found this girls attitude to be very hostile and extremley in knowledgeable of the menu, either that or she really didnt care and disrespected not only your policies but me and my child as paying customers. i am sure you will handle this matter as you see fit.

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