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Hannah's complaint against Fray Bentos

Hannah Terry


Fray Bentos Deep Filled Steak Pie

Complaint against Fray Bentos

Hi, I used to love these pies when I was younger circa 1988. I remember fondly it was a real treat when my mother got one of these pies in. With mash one pie easily feb me and my two sisters. They were just super delicious. Feeling a little nostaliga 32 years later I saw Asda still selling them, tin looked the same, packaging had changed little.. So I bought one. To say I felt ripped off is the world biggest understatement. There was maybe at best half a teaspoon of dreadfully poor quality meat in a sea of greasy gravy. Even the pastry did not rise properly. It was gooey slop in the middle and too crisp on the outer. It did suprise me they were only £1. I would suggest they double the price and actually put £1 worth of decent meat into the pie. Dreadful and disappointing to say the least Baxters you should hang your head in shame for ruining this once proud label. Hanna

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