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Roland's complaint against G-A-Y



Refused entry becauae they dont know me!

Complaint against G-A-Y

Went their because my boyfriend and his friends are already there. They ask for id or membership. I said I dont have my proper id's because I submitted it for my visa application. Still refused. I watched how they let people in without askig anything. I said why is that? They said "because I know him", "because I have seen him before". REALLY??????? I HAVE BEEN GOING IN THIS BAR FOR MORE THAN 10xxxx AND JUST BECAUASE YOU CANT REMEMBER ME YOU WILL DEMAND FOR AN ID OR MEMBERSHIP???? This security personnel on duty May 3 evening is so rude! I called my bf friend, barely cant hear me, saw him in the door, I was just asking for this black lady security to just call him in the door becauase he cant hear me over the phone as the music is too loud. But what???? SHE SAID GET OFF THE DOOR AND SHE SHUT THE DOOR AND GAVE ME A NASTY LOOK! So what happened??? My bf friend go in again and didnt able to see or talk to me whereas he is 3 step close to me! IM SO UPSET, SO ANGRY AND I DONT THINK ITS FAIR! Who will be happy with that?????

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