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Layla's complaint against UberEats

Layla Doone


Horrible customer service

Complaint against UberEats

I ordered with you today at 10:03 for a McDonalds breakfast. Given that my estimated delivery time would be 20-30 minutes this should of been at my door at a little after 10:30 (the time McDonalds breakfast ends). My order was being delayed slightly but as a person who uses UberEats fairly regularly I know that this is fairly common. This slight delay however turned into almost an hour wait. At this point obviously the breakfast is over. Getting concerned as I do not understand how they could be preparing our breakfast half an hour into their lunch service I called UberEats themselves asking for an update on the order. I was told that I would have to cancel the order and re-order. When telling them that this was for breakfast they told me that the order simply wouldn't be possible as they were no longer serving their breakfast menu. No other explanation. Frustrated I called the branch itself, asking why it was not possible to process my order given that I ordered with half an hour of their breakfast service left. I was told that they do not start making the food until a driver arrives as it would get cold and that no driver had come at all (this is at 11:15). That was an entire hour that I was left I notified that my order couldn't be made. It's only when I tried to contact myself that I was informed of this. This is truely unacceptable, if an order cannot be made you need to notofiy the customer as soon as possible. Now I'm left breakfast -less when I could of ordered from a different site. I'm really disappointed with the service provided today.

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