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Svethlana's complaint against Uncle Ben's

Svethlana Gallage


Mold in rice

Complaint against Uncle Ben\u0027s

When I opened my rice that said best before 050619 which is a year from now, there was a heap of mold that coated the rice!!! It is absolutely disgusting and has put me off eating anything from Uncle Ben’s again. I am horrified to think my little brother would have just taken a pack, microwaves it and eaten it! I’m lucky unlike any other day, I checked.

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Noriko Inman | | VERIFIED

Mouldy microwavable rice I opened wholegrain savoury chicken rice. Expiry was March 2021. It had all gone mouldy and black. So disgusting and horrible! Never seen anything like that. I don't know how it happend. Dont feel like buying Uncle Ben's rice again.
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