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Marco's complaint against Uncle Ben's

Marco Plescia


Unusual colored rice

Complaint against Uncle Ben\u0027s

As a fanatic of all cooked meals containing rice, I always love to treat myself to a nice warm portion of broccoli and cheese uncle ben's rice. Unfortunately, as I was doing just that on April 3rd for what seems to be the millionth time, a weird feeling overcame. Upon looking at the cooked product, I noticed an unusual color and consistency to my rice. Surely, I thought, this was all in my head, but as I went to taste it, the overpowering taste of spice confirmed my theory. Please keep in mind that this was broccoli and cheddar flavor. I could understand if it was Mexican flavor or something, but in my case it was unacceptable and very unappealing. To be fair, I have prepared hundreds of these packets in the past and they have all tasted amazing and exactly what they should have tasted every single time except this one time. Normally I would simply stop buying the product and move on but since I cherish uncle bens and their delicious rice so much, I wanna make this right and I believe I deserve an explanation at the very least.

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