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R's complaint against KFC

R Hepburn


Poor service, argumentative till staff, unclear pricing

Complaint against KFC

Went to the KFC at the Haudagain Roundabout in Aberdeen on 4/11/17, approx 1410. Massive queue, only two tills on. Took about 15 minutes to get to a till. Ordered a Zinger rice box for £4.49, and noticed on the signage that it said side and a drink for £1, this detail is important. So I went for a Pepsi Max and corn on the cob. The lady behind the till had to be told FIVE times what the order was, before ringing up £6.48, which is £0.99 more than what I believed the price to be. I pointed out that she had made a mistake, the sign clearly says Drink and Side, £1, but your employee was having none of it, and maintained that it was £1 for each menu item. I then asked for a manager. At this point she started to pretend she didn't really speak or understand English too well, a sure fire sign that she knew she had screwed up and didn't want to take any responsibility for it. Miraculously, she understood "Give me my money back" well enough as she gave me my tenner back. Either this employee made a mistake, and was too arrogant to rectify it; or you have a pricing policy that deliberately misleads the public. Sort it out.

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