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Abbey's complaint against KFC

Abbey Griffiths


Terrible service and health and safety issue.

Complaint against KFC

I visited the KFC branch in Bentley Bridge on the 17.08.17 at around 14.10 a short girl with dark hair served me and my pregnant sister, I myself am very partially sighted. Before I had even collected my drinks from off the counter she had called the next man over forcing me to move out of the way quickly, i grabbed 4 of the cokes to get out of the way as she had no patience for me to move results in one of the drink spilling all over myself and the floor/counter, she completely ignored what had happened pushed a cloth at me and left me and my pregnant sister to clean it all ort the floor. Whilst still allowing customers to walk through and stand in the drink which could have resulted in an accident for the company. She did not inform any of her colleagues to come and help us or for a wet floor sign to be put in place. I struggle with my eyesight and find it difficult to see wetness on the floor yet i was left to clean it all up, when I had almost finished was when a member of staff actually offered to help. She pushed another drink accross the counter withnan attitude. I work in retail and within my role I am expecting to clean up spillages when they happen, this was not the case in kfc and for my pregnant sister to have to help was disgusting she myself or somebody else could have slipped, i am registered partially sighted and I am shocked at the service i had today. I did not get the gorls name but it was roughly 14.10

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