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Kirstie's complaint against Burger King

Kirstie ruane


Appauling restaurant

Complaint against Burger King

Today I went to Burger King Warrington, first of all the staff didn't have a clue on anything, then they told us they had no coke so I ordered diet coke, we then stood and waited for 20 minutes for our food to be done for them to not even once say sorry for you wait or apologise for anything, to top it off the restaurant was a absolute tip with food all over the tables and the floors, we then had to sit and eat our food with flys flying around us, I then had to take my drink back because it was not diet coke it was coca cola zero and it was flat, my fries were burnt, my burger tasted like rubber and was also burnt and my chilli cheese bites had no chilli cheese inside them... I am absolutely disgusted with, the service, the hygine and the food, and the fact that I spent £17 in there for that!!! If I was a inspector I would shut the restaurant down, many people were coming in and walking back out after being stood waiting for ages and getting no services.

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