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Arslan's complaint against Burger King



manager complain about new staff

Complaint against Burger King

right i am working in the morning shift and i am employe of burger king in birchanger welcome break and i am not geel8ng good to work there because of all polish nationalties including manager they speak and comunicate each other in polish language and i am new trainer there today was my 10 day and i was on till customer was in my front and manager was in kitchen order didnt finished yet and customer change the mind to change meal instead of angus burger want whooper meal and manager already made burger and start shout in front of customer because she said to me u cant avoid on the till i am asking where is my fault because we work hard i l9ve to work hard check it out please behaviour of manager is horrible if this behaviour remains same i need to take further this mattar up to court thats insulting if i made mistake as well we r humans thats it no 1 allowed to shout on u and insult u in front of every1 i am feeling to loose my self respect i hop you will enquire about this mattar

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Arslan | | VERIFIED

i want to finished this complain sorted out she reliazed she done wrong with staff no complains at all
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