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Anna's complaint against Burger King

Anna Lawlor


Poor hygiene and non chalant response

Complaint against Burger King

With little option for a hot meal in Palma de Mallorca airport I resorted to going to Burger King. As I was waiting for my whopper I could see the man behind the counter constructing it. He was placing the lettuce, tomato, etc onto the burger without gloves. I then see him leaning against a wall with his hand after it was done and going to make another. No hand washing in sight. My stomach turned. I’m not so good for complaining usually so just sat down with it. But just couldn’t stomach it and went back up to the counter. I said I couldn’t eat it as I had seen the guy making it without gloves or utensils!! They said that’s just how they do it and they wash hands. I saw no hand washing in between burgers! I got no apology. No refund. Only looks of annoyance from the manager, saying ‘that’s just how we do it’. Awful. As a full time chef myself I think this is just gross. And I was very disappointed with the service and response of the Burger King staff. Will never go again.

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