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Review of Ben \u0026 Jerrys

Ayooooo your boy moneystacks here, you know how they say that in large quantities ice cream can be harmful, I'll tell you something now, I eat this ice cream like everyday, and I'm not dead yet. Ben and jerrys is the best ice cream in the world, the flavour alone is enough to make you crave it some more. I am more addicted to this ice cream than that time I had to go to the addict club for being addicted to memes, and I'll tell you know those times............great times. Anyway where was I......... oh yeah ice cream, so if your looking for some luscious ice cream to melt in your mouth, Ben and jerrys is the way to go. Buy this ice cream, if you've never tried it, you haven't tasted ice cream. I love your ice cream and you. Peace.

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