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Francis's complaint against Pizza Hut

Francis Gray


Pizza Hut disgraceful customer service from store and head office

Complaint against Pizza Hut

I have received truly appalling customer service from Pizza Hut, from both their store and head office. I ordered two of the same pizzas from their Denmark Hill store for collection and when I arrived home one of the pizzas was missing the spicy beef. I phoned the store to notify them of this and they told me my pizza did not contain spicy beef. I told them I had previously double checked my order just to ensure I had not accidentally removed it on the online ordering, and confirm I had not. The employee said he would check with someone and I could here a heated discussion in the background saying I was wrong and there is no spicy beef on my pizza. When the guy came back to the phone to tell me this (obviously not realising I could hear everything in the background) I asked him how it was possible then for the menu to state a topping was spicy beef and why one pizza had it on and the other didn't. The same thing happened again and I could hear people speaking about me in a rude and aggressive way, saying I was wrong. The employee came back to the phone and said the same thing. I asked to speak to someone else and told them to check a menu and finally the acknowledged that I was right. They said they would make me a new pizza and I would have to collect in in 20 minutes. I explained that I had only collected, which was a 20 minute round trip plus a 10 minute wait whilst I was there, because I had a voucher which I could not use online. As they made the mistake I felt they should deliver it to me. After again a heated conversation in the background, they reluctantly agreed to deliver it. I felt the way they spoke to me was unbelievable considering they were in the wrong and made the mistake with my order. I felt I should make Pizza Hut head office aware of this incident. After contacting them they said I would hear back from them in 72 hours as to how the issue would be resolved. After about a week I did not hear anything so called again. I waited 30 minutes before my call was answered and explained the initial incident and the fact nobody had made any further contact. The person said sorry and said he would contact the appropriate people so somebody made contact with me. Again after around a week I heard nothing and made another phone call to their head office. The same conversation happened, an apology was made and assurance that this time I would be contacted within 72 hours. Another week has now passed and still I have heard nothing so feel I would not be listed to again if I make further contact. This is why I am contacting you, to help resolve this for me please.

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