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very poor service

Complaint against Pizza Hut

seated in pizza hut sheffield last night WEST ST BRANCH. young girl took the order and walked away. good job we been before as we wouldnt have a clue how to go on, that said she didnt ask if we'd been before! saw the bowls and glasses for drinks so got up and got our own. service was sloow even though the store was 15% occupied? toilets were disgustingly sweet with the smell of overpowering ammonia- couldnt vouch for the ladies! someone it seemed had been sick somewhere in the stairwell, but nothing was evident, just an overpowering stench prior to going from urine strength to stairwell strength gastric juice aroma, before opening the door and going back into the place where food is served! I always tip staff after a meal. HOWEVER not this time. on the till receipt code given was 23060410516741, we were offered the chance to do a survey and win 2 for 1 meals! wouldnt come back if the meal was free PIZZA HUT. :-(

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