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Paul's complaint against McDonald's

Paul murphy



Complaint against McDonald\u0027s

I am 23 years old and I was enquiring about a job which was advertised in jobcenter plus (widnes)as a "part time crew member member",and it stated in the job description about what the duties where.The job discription was exactly the same as a employee who was 25 years old as it is for me (23yrs) but I would recieve less pay! This has really knocked my confidence as I live on my own and I know friends that are over 25 who are financially more sucure than me because they recieve more hourly pay than me.This is in breach of the "Age discrimination act 2010" and I feel like I can do a job just as well as some one who is 2 years older than me.Am sure there is other people who feel DISCRIMINATED against just as I do.Please help as I would really like to work in McDonald's.

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McDonald's failed to resolve this complaint

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Paul murphy | | VERIFIED

Still no responce from this govermant run body.Its very hipercritical how they can inforce penalties for company that break the law on equal pay but they are doing it themselves!They are not only ignorant but more importantly BREAKING THE LAW!!!

Paul murphy | | VERIFIED

no responce.ignorant law beakers
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