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Miss Bernadette's complaint against McDonald's

Miss Bernadette Beaupierre


Shocking service/lack of staff

Complaint against McDonald\u0027s

On Sunday 24th July about 2.15pm my friends and I went to your Brimsdown branch which has not long been refurbished. A couple of them went into the store. After quite some time and I'm talking like 20/30mins they came out with our meals. They said that there were only three people behind the counter including the manager. He looked like he was in cloud cuckoo land and the other two were totally rushed off their feet and shouting at each other. Now I don't have McDonalds often but most times I have its been really nice. But this day it was absolutely disgusting. The food was warm and the milkshake which I think is the icon of McDonalds was so thin that I finished it within 5 mins. Normally I get jaw ache trying to drink it up through the straw. I have never been so disappointed in all my life. How can you spend so much money doing up one of your stores and then only have three people working. Well two people as the manager was no use to anyone. If you haven't got enough staff would it not have made more sense not to open rather than have a store full of irate customers yelling at the two that were trying to keep it going. Please note that I and my friends will not be using that store again. I feel very disappointed having to send this in as they used to go there all the time.Not anymore.

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