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Graham's complaint against Tastecard



Automatic renewal of Tastecard

Complaint against Tastecard

I was charged for the auto-renewal for another years subscription and was not sent a renewal email. More and more companies seem to be getting away with these auto-renewal schemes and taking money out of people's account without their knowledge. Is their anyway of getting my membership refunded. Also, there should be more restrictions for allowing these auto-renewals as it was quite difficult to get through to them as their website has not unsubscribe link instead you need to call a number to cancel and I am sure that will be as difficult to get through as it was to email them. Regards Graham

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Matty Taylor | | VERIFIED

This has also stung me this week - my 3-month 'trial (which I assumed was a trial but apparently isn't) ran out TODAY, but they took £39.99 out of my bank on Saturday 2nd, which was a Saturday so I couldn't contact them until Monday! I never received a reminder email and, after reading the terms and conditions through again, can't believe the warning signs weren't screaming SCAM before. Everything about it seems immoral and is designed to get people stuck in to the subscription.

mark carter | | VERIFIED

They seem to be doing this to a lot of people and not letting them know that they are going to take the money so you don't cancel it and once they take it you cant do anything about it. Yes you are right SCAM!
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