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Evey's complaint against Tastecard

Evey Henderson


Check check check before you buy!

Complaint against Tastecard

Check check check what you're buying. All the restaurants local to me offer the same discount via their own loyalty scheme or via Groupon. The cinema local to me is cheaper to book direct and the closest cinema where the 40% off deal applies is a 20 minute drive away, having booked a babysitter, it's annoying that someone has to not drink. So it doesn't work for us unless we're out of town, which is rare. Contacted customer service and they were going to kindly transfer the gift card into my name, so I could make better use of it (bought as a gift for my wife) and give me an extra three months. Lots of jumping through hoops later and emailing proof of posting the original card back, asked for the same details again etc and the card has been reissued with an extra 2 days on it. Hopeless! This card is for people who live in areas where restaurants and cinemas are expensive and don't offer deals already. So check your local area before you buy this. I can see it'd work for some folk who don't have time to look around and can make use of it but don't make the same mistake as me.

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