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Dan's complaint against Tastecard



Refusal to refund an auto-renewed membership (even on the same day it was renewed/payment taken)

Complaint against Tastecard

I received an email from tastecard informing me they were renewing my membership and then had automatically charged me £39.99. I had no recollection of this renewal as I did not receive any email from them stating this, and I was unaware I had agreed to this upon signing up for £1. I phoned the company and was told that it was now "too late" as payment had been taken, and all they could offer was to prevent it from happening again next year. I said this was not acceptable and I wouldn't be held at ransom for a service I don't want, especially as I phoned them the same day. Any other retailer would be reasonable and allow a refund for a service or product that they do not want. I was told I could not speak to a manager, and was just given a complaints email address which was the only thing I could do. I have not been so disgusted with a company for some time, but even other companies had eventually made an effort to appease my complaint. It is completely unreasonable of them to refuse a refund when I gave no consent to renewal or payment other than god knows how many months ago when I saw a good offer and was duped into auto-renewing with this awful company. I have taken my frustration to both twitter and facebook as well, and given the same fobbed off excuse as everyone else. Apparently they do not value their customers, they would much rather take your money and run, then ignore you, rather than be reasonable and gain repeat custom. I probably would have renewed later when I was in a better financial position, but that ship has sailed now I know how disgusting they are. I am not happy at all with how they treat their 'customers'.

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