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Preyavart's complaint against Tastecard

Preyavart Gadhavi


Tastecard is a Scam !

Complaint against Tastecard

Hello, Tastecard is one of the worst cards/subscription you can buy in 2017. Most of the good restaurants in London don't accept tastecard, and the far and few places that actually do agree advertise to accept have so many restriction such as only lunches, only two weekdays (Tue/Thur), offer only on products you anyways don't buy etc. In addition they have a yearly subscription service which they will happily deduct the money without any notification. If you are lucky - you might get an email message for membership with loads of ads and offer which buries the bad message of renewing one more year of horrible Tastecard Service. My membership was renewed on Jan 2, and when I called on Jan 3 to cancel the membership - I was told that it is too late. I agreed to pay 15 pounds for cancelling the membership but then Tastecard changed their stance the very next day saying that memberships can't be cancelled. Bad Customer Service, and frankly a horrible process for customers ! A lot of people have had similar bad experiences like me - checkout http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?p=71865977#post71865977 !

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