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S's complaint against Tastecard



Tastecard makes it almost impossible to cancel the 'automatic-renewal'

Complaint against Tastecard

My membership card has been automatically renewed WITHOUT my consent by this company. This is despite me calling their cancellation line WITHIN the cancellation period. I have screenshots of my call list which clearly show this. I also spent approximately 40 minutes on the tastecard website scrutinising the membership page and the accounts page, which allowed me to resubscribe to renew my membership, but gave me no option to discontinue and opt out of the automatic renewal. There was an abundance of information relating to subscription, payment, renewals, but NOTHING allowing me to discontinue the automatic renewal. I looked for this in every inch of your membership and accounts pages and finally gave up as the T&Cs explicitly state that one must phone to cancel. I asked that Tastecard cancel my membership with IMMEDIATE effect and refund my £39.99. They have refused to do this - only saying that they can offer me £10 and that I can transfer my tastecard into a friend or family member's name. Why would I want to ensnare one of my loved ones into the web of a company that I find to be dishonest and disreputable? I complained on the Tastecard Twitter account among the hoards of other unhappy customers and Tastecard promptly blocked me from its account. Tastecard have still not resolved this issue.

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