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Sarah's complaint against Toby Carvery

Sarah G


made to feel like a criminal for PAYING BILL!!!!

Complaint against Toby Carvery

⚠️⚠️⚠️ don't pay by the app .... You will get treated like a criminal for actually paying your bill ⚠️⚠️⚠️ So disappointed with Toby Carvery CHADDERTON I visited the premises on 26th June with my parents who visit once every few months. The food was great. I said I would pay for the food as a treat for my father's birthday which was that day. I promptly downloaded the app and paid immediately via the app. Waiting for my email confirmation receipt before we then left the premises. We hadn't parked in the car park, but on the adjacent main road.So we made our way to the car and had just opened the passenger car door when we were screeched at from the car park by our server Karen. She screamed across the car park (which was full of customers entering the premise as well as those in the beer garden) She shoute " you haven't paid your bill!". I therefore walked back to the car park where I obviously showed her the receipt. She stated I hadn't paid and it hadn't closed the account so I would have to show her manager. Despite showing her the evidence in the car park and in front of all the people she had embarrassed me in front of. She reiterated that I would have to go inside and speak to the manager (yet she could clearly see I had made payment). At this stage everyone was now staring at me and as such she frogmarched me into the premise like a criminal. The manager asked to see my receipt which I showed him on the email. He said well it hasn't closed at his end. Again I showed the evidence of my payment and he examined this at the seating area to ensure there was maximum mortification to me whilst all the diners watched. He then said he would have to write all the information down and left to get a pen and paper whilst leaving me stood there with all the staff and diners staring at me. He said it must be a problem at it side and proceeded to wrote down everything on the email receipt. Eventually he apologised and said well it wasn't his fault and people walk out without paying. I stated that as he could clearly see I had made payment and didn't appreciate being made to feel like a criminal but he just said well it wasn't his fault. As you can see it clearly wasn't my fault. I had paid by the app which was advertised all on the tables and walls as a hassle free method for make payment. Yet I was made to feel like I was a thief and embarrassed in front of everyone! I immediately complained in writing on my return home so within 15 minutes of leaving and requested a response to my complaint. But surprise surprise no one has been in touch. My advice to anyone thinking of paying "hassle free"... DON'T. Unless you like to be accused and embarrassed for simply paying your bill

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