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Ashley's complaint against Hungry Horse

Ashley Locke


Shocking service.

Complaint against Hungry Horse

Where: Hedge end. Shamble hurst. I am contacting you in order to express my concerns and to raise a formal complaint about the rude waiter I encountered on August 4th, 2017. To explain in more detail Assistant manager was rude, unwelcoming and disrespectful. I asked if they were serving food, his reply was the menu's are on the tables- didn't think to pass me one or tell me the specials etc. He then said 'come back to order' - I said I was sitting outside, he told me if it starts to rain we will close outside. He couldn't be bothered to help establish what table number- said to come back when I know. I declined food for 4 people due to his unhelpful and off putting attitude. I asked for 4 drinks with lemon- his dismissive response was' we have no fruit'. He then continued to tell me that if it rained the area my family and our bikes were situated would be closed. To top this off when I asked my son to take a drink as I couldn't carry them all he then stated my son couldn't carry an alcoholic drink, which is understandable but no mention of an offer of a tray to help. When I asked for the manager his poor and unfriendly attitude continued by telling me he was the assistant. I requested the managers contact details and he passed me a scribbled email address. I found the whole Experiance embassrasing and degrading. This so called assistant manager showed zero signs of customer service nor friendliness. Completely contradictory to your websit. In my business we thrive on recommendations and use a company named grass routes to produce an NPS score based on our customers feelings when visiting... should I have the opportunity to give feedback on my experiance today- I'd suggest taking this person out of the senior position he's be given and retrain him on basic relationship building with potential customers. The restaurant in question lost an order of 4 meals and 4 rounds of drinks today. This may not be much however, how many more customers have been subjected to level of service today

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