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Review of Trebor

Ayoooooo your boy moneystacks here, so here's how it went. I was sitting there on a Friday night after coming home from work and I thought to myself "Dave said he was throwing a party" so I got up after a delightful meal which my mother had made me, grabbed my car keys and went to the the shop to grab some beverages. While at the shop I asked past the selection of sweets that was there, I passed everything in the shop and grabbed a six pack and some trebor mints soft mints, this is where my night turned around. I went to the party after grabbing the required things. So I was sitting in the kitchen of this super cool and super hot party, chatting to the ladies, as you do, when I pulled out the pack of trebor soft mints. I offered one to daisy, and she took one, then I offered one to charlotte, she, like the other girl took one, then I took one out of the packet, I placed it on my tongue and closed my mouth. Thinking to myself "I bought a pack of soft mints I took a bite, little did I know that this was not a soft mint, in my soft mints packet. I let out a high pitched shriek as if I had just found out that my wife had replaced my conditioner with veet hair removal cream. I took off my sunglasses, crying while I did so, everyone in the party turned around and started laughing at my feeble attempt to talk as the mint had broken 2 of my teeth, I ran out and drove to the park where I sat and cried for 4 hours, before returning home to tell my dear mother. In conclusion, I bought a pack of soft mints because I wanted soft mints, so if you take anything out of this, trebor you need to listen, I'm a soft mint guy, your advert even shows what soft mint people and hard mint people are like, so please take more care Your boy moneystacks out Peace.

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