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MARK's complaint against ecatering



[LAPSED] Bain Marie special offer

Complaint against ecatering

Seems the special offer is that it doesn't comply to catering health regulations regarding the temperature it keeps. The equipment advertised at half price of £99 plus VAT against RRP of £199 plus VAT was advertised as a quality made item - though it was a cheaply unbranded make. It couldn't even maintain the boiling temperature of water used to fill the container. From day 1, this bain marie didn't work and we were told to check instructions (1 page photocopy in foreign & bad english) then asked if we were filling with correct boiling water. Eventually they said it could be returned for testing. Not replacement. We had to wait days for courier to collect of which they didn't turn up & we then had to wait 5 days as we had nobody available to wait in all day. Its now 4 days & when emailed the response was that they would check their warehouse to see if it had been returned. As a small cafe, £99+VAT is a lot of money & even worse to operate without a piece of essential equipment causes delays which then results in the loss of business. ecatering response when you call them is that the person in question is not available & when you email they quote their standard spiel of being a B2B supplier and certain distance selling doesn't apply etc etc etc

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Lapsed. MARK has not responded in 90 days

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Obviously you forgot to include the par5 about us actually dealing with, and resolving your issue, even though you were using the item incorrectly
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