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Lee's complaint against ecatering

Lee W


[RESPONDED] Delivery refusal

Complaint against ecatering

I was very positive and pleased with the service offered in the beginning however upon preserving my product I made an error where I had placed my delivery address as my personal details therefore it did not match with the card being used . I fully understood this was my mistake and I had amended this with the company by sending proof of address - this however was not acceptable and they wanted more than required information on the delivery address instead !? My bank had already transferred the money successfully into their hands without any issue . I believe once a payment is successful the delivery address where ever it may be is irrelevant! I have had no issue ordering from other company's before and this is the first to happen . I've proved my card belongs to me therefore no more action should have been taken. However my anger built up over the day and I cancelled my order immediately , wish for this not to happen and just receive a new item for a new shop we just purchased , seems not. Staff were however patient and well manored with me so my apologies for rudeness . 5/10

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A number of inaccuracies her. 1. Once you enter your delivery address and confirm this we cannot change it afterwards as this could be fraudulent and we do this to protect the cardholder. It is a security issue and find it incredulous that you don’t appreciate this. 2.We did not receive your money as when we cancel an order the payment is kept by your bank and card provider. This is their fault.


my delivery address was correct and had no faults , however my card address did not match - this was dealt with immediately by myself by proving that my card had belonged to me by sending in copy of my address with my name clearly printed in bold, i cannot provide a bank statement for a new shop i have only just purchased as it has not even reached 1 month, I did not ask for delivery to be changed


1 . All of what i wanted was correct , the card holder address was incorrect and i amended that with you , no mention of having my delivery address changed .


Hi, Please can you send us the correct registered address details for the card you have used to pay. We cannot dispatch your order until we have the correct address for your card. Thank you. Regards,


All of the above mentioned in the first email was given to you and accepted by your company as proof . No request for a delivery change at all , not quite sure what your talking about delivery address wanting changing ? Never wanted that.
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