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Alexandra's complaint against Fayre & Square

Alexandra Pearson


Very low quality meal, meat full of gristle, pie and mash was disgusting.

Complaint against Fayre \u0026 Square

We have just finished a meal in your netley fayre and square restaurant. My family ordered the following. Ultimate sharing platter. Large mixed grill Steak and ale pie with mash Kids double bacon burger Kids sausage and chips I have to say this is one of the worst meals I have ever eaten out, and I go to family orientated pubs often. By no means am I a food snob. My personal meal (pie and mash) was inedible. When I cut inside the top layer of pastry was mushy and the bottom layer was so hard you couldn't cut through it. The meat inside was 50% fat. The mash that came with the meal was warmed to the end of its life so much that the underneath was burnt onto the plate. The only thing edible on my plate were the peas (difficult to get wrong). The ultimate sharing platter consisted of mainly deep fried products, no problem with that. My problem was that it was over cooked that much you couldn't tell what was a chicken strip, prawn or jalapeno thing as they all looked and tasted the same.....burnt and hard! The meat on my partners mixed grill was disgusting. The quality of the meat you are purchasing is quite disturbing. The chicken was clearly very cheap and nasty. The steak (although cooked to order well) was full of gristle and pretty much inedible also. My children are their meals without much complaint as kids do. I however saw how overcooked the burger was and the beans again were so over warmed they were stuck to the plate. My main concern about all this is that I have booked our Christmas dinner with my whole family here. 9 of us who are potentially going to have an extremely bad Christmas day meal. To be honest I am panicking about it now . Overall absolutely disgusted with the entire meal.

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