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Stephanie's complaint against Nestlé

Stephanie cox


New sma milk is making my baby poorly

Complaint against Nestle

I have a 5&1/2 month old baby and since birth we have bought Sma milk. In our tesco store they have recently started selling the smaller tins. Not thinking much of it we carried on using the product. However after a week of using this product my baby boy became very unwell with sickness and diarrhea we took him straight to the walking centre and they said it must be a bug take him home and keep an eye on him. After a couple of days he was still no better so we took him to the doc who said that we'd have to go to the hospital as he was becoming dehydrated. We returned home to find we were short of milk so my partner popped to the local coop. Who at the moment are still selling the old tins. After a day of being on the old tins we had no more sickness and diarrhea and he was sleeping perfectly again. We went back to tesco the next week to do our weekly shop and bought the new milk. After a couple of days he became unwell. I was then made aware of this article on FB and decided that I would buy a tin from the coop just to see if that is the problem. However he's now fine on the old milk again. My only concern is that the coop are soon going to to run out of the old milk and it's going to leave me with a poorly baby or to try and change his milk to something that does agree with him. I have had 4 children and always used sma milk. Plus my health visitor once told me that you shouldn't change your babies formula.

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