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Morris Stanley M.'s complaint against The Co-operative Food

Morris Stanley M. D.


[LAPSED] 2nd Complaint against the Security Guard at Armley Town Street (Leeds) Co-operative ship

Complaint against The Co-operative Food

This is the statement we provided to West Yorkshire Police station today (18.7.2015) on line. When my wife and I visited the Co-operative shop in Armley Town Street on 22nd April 2015, we had to face a problem with the Security Guard who was on duty at the time for a sandwich we were trying to purchase. On that instance, we reported the matter to the duty manager of the said shop, who apologized to us for the inconvenience caused by the security guard. After this incident the security guard made a habit to harass whenever anyone of our family members visited this shop. Therefore, though I decided to ignore the incident which took place on 22nd April I had to change my mind and report the incident in writing to the Co-operative Head Office on 10th July 2015 due to rude behaviour of the said security guard. Yesterday (17.7.15) when my wife and I were coming out of the shop with some shopping we picked up a small packet of 'Colmans' curry mixture which was outside the shop. Just as we picked it up, the security guard came behind us to the road and said to return the packet to him stating it does not belong to us. To which we replied, “how can you ask for it when it does not belong to him either?.” He then said that another customer had earlier reported a dropped item, which he obviously failed to pick up even after being reported, if he was that concerned by it. We said O.K call the person who dropped it and we will give it to him and not to you as it was outside of your building. Actually as I did not want to take it I went inside the shop again and explained the matter to the manager and handed it over. Once we came out of the shop, the security guard came to us and said in front of other customers and the pedestrians at the bus stop, “this is the second incident that has taken place and in future if something like this happen I WILL KICK YOU OUT OF THE SHOP OR WILL DRAG BOTH OF YOU ON THE GROUND IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY AND CHASE YOU OUT”. ALSO HE SAID “I WILL BAN ALL OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS FROM COMING TO THIS SHOP”. Now my queries are - Can this security guard threaten the public in such wordings? Can this security guard to shout out loud in front of all the customers whenever a problem arises. Can he ban us from going to the shop without any prior permission from the management of Co- operative group. Hope that you will carry out an investigation at your earliest to take proper legal action against the anti-social behaviour of this security guard, as it has now become a barrier for us to visit the said shop which we have been using for our day-to-day requirements.

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Lapsed. Morris Stanley M. has not responded in 90 days

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Morris Stanley M. D. | | VERIFIED

This complain still remain as unsolved. When I contacted Co-operative head office about one week back to inquire the delay of replying, they just gave me only a reference number for my complaint and said it is still pending.

The Co-op | | VERIFIED

Hello Morris, I'm very concerned about the complaint you've made and would like to ensure my colleagues in Customer Relations are made aware of this 2nd complaint. Can you confirm your reference number from the 1st complaint, please? ^Jordan
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