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James's complaint against The Co-operative Food



[LAPSED] Abusive Delivery driver

Complaint against The Co-operative Food

Rude, very unhelpful and you should send your driver to a training course on how to deal with people. Reg NJ11 RPY, 22/10/2016 Epsom town centre. Your driver was not only blocking our business car park, he had finished his un-loading and decided to have something to eat before setting on his less than merry way. All he needed to do is move forward about 5 ft and the issue would have been resolved. But, your driver decided to be a complete tool and drivel on about people like me just expect people like him to move.. I think your driver has some issues with himself as all I wanted to do was parking in a car park I pay thousands of pounds a year to park in.. He then decided to tell me that I was annoying him for wanting to park in my carpark and he would move when he was ready and not before. I even started my conversation with your driver I know you have a job to do and I respect that but so do I, the level of aggression was not needed by him and considering how quickly he reacted I'm sure this wont be the first complaint you will have from this driver.

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Lapsed. James has not responded in 90 days

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The Co-op | | VERIFIED

We're very sorry to hear of this. Please can you contact us via phone or email so we can look into this. Here's the contact details; Thanks ^Sophie
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